About The Founder

I've been a creative soul for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, I loved spending time with my late grandmother, Minnie. She instilled a love of learning, curiosity and wonder in my soul. She taught me how to care for the environment, of her days as a business owner in England, and told me stories of magnificent everyday people who achieved great things in their lives. We baked, cooked, gardened and knitted. We read books, painted and made candles. Throughout all of her lessons, she taught me kindness, perseverance, resilience and to go after the things that burn a fire in my belly. Since those days, I filled my years with learnings and adventures. I travelled and lost track of how many times I’ve moved house. I certainly learnt how to embrace my nomadic lifestyle; but there was something creative missing in my world and I longed for those moments back at gran's.

Nomad Candle Co was born in 2015, initially founded as a hobby to pay homage to gran, my mentor. Looking back, I completely underestimated how Nomad would thrive over the years. I eventually took a break from my teaching career to focus on my creative journey. Long days turned into long nights planning, making, perfecting and adapting… the process to this point has been a dream come true. There’s no team in the studio. Each Nomad passes through my hands in every stage of production. Slowly curated products are hard to come by these days, so it warms my heart to see how my products and the ethos behind it is enjoyed and valued.

In a world where our wellbeing is challenged every day, making time for mindful moments has become increasingly significant. “Light a Nomad and lose yourself in your memories, your story and your magic.” – Melanie | Founder

Circa 1991 - One of many special days spent with Grandma in the garden after a morning walk to feed the ducks, baking and crafts. Some of my favourite memories with one of my most treasured teachers in life.