Candle Etiquette

Follow our simple tips to ensure you get the very best from your candle:

  • Before you plan on lighting your candle, be prepared to enjoy it for a while. The size of the wicks selected for each candle equate to a burn time of 2-4 hours. Alternatively burn until you have a full layer of melted wax. This creates a burn memory and prevents wax wastage. We know you want your candles to last as long as possible; however, blowing your candle out too early can actually shorten their life.
  • Trim the wicks before relighting your candles. Benefits include longevity, a cleaner and safe burn. If a wick becomes too long, it causes it to burn hotter and quicker. Please refer to the instructions on the warning label. We don't stick them on there for without reason.
  • Wick trimmers are available for purchase on our website and are a must for an aesthetically pleasing and safe candle.
  • Consider candle placement - we're talking about a controlled flame here. Don't put children or pets at risk of harm. Place on a stable, heat resistant surface and burn in a protected space from draughts.
  • Run out of your favourite candle? Our vessels can be cleaned and reused for other purposes. The options are endless - jars for jewellery, spices, craft products and as planters to get your creative mind flowing. Simply clean the wax remnants with warm water and paper towel.