Soy Wax - What's It All About?

The demand for candles created with soy wax has boomed over the last decade, even more so during the pandemic, but for the average consumer, you're probably wondering what benefits burning soy wax candles offer, and where it comes from...

So, What Is Soy Wax?

It is a completely natural bi-product of the soya bean. The oil is extracted from the soya bean to create the vegetable wax that we know as soy wax. This wax is manufactured into flake or pellet form and it is free from nasty synthetic substances like paraffin.

It is also a vegan product, which means that there are no additives that derive from animals. You won't find any beeswax in our soy blend. It is also biodegradable, which means it's perfectly suitable for your garden or the green waste when cleaning the residue from your burnt out candles.

As the production of soy wax is non-existent in Australia, we are proud to announce that we source sustainable soy wax from the United Kingdom that is renewable and carbon neutral certified. It also free from palm oil.

Unfortunately, some soy wax manufacturers source soy from non-sustainable plantations such as that found in some parts of Asia and South America. So it pays to know exactly where your consumables originate from.

The soy wax that we source for Nomad has a lower melting point than other blends, including beeswax and wax containing paraffin. To melt this wax safely in large batch form, we use Australian made digital temperature controlled electric double boilers that heat the wax to 85℃, creating a liquid. Once fully melted, these boilers then control the temperature to keep it constant. This is an extremely important part of the melting phase. We then move into the pouring phase and curing phase of the candle making process which looks different for every available wax on the market.

Soy Wax Is Safe, right?

The reason why soy wax is so popular is because it is a safe wax to burn in comparison to paraffin blended waxes. As there are no synthetic additives in soy wax, it does not emit pollutants like petroleum into the air.

Many studies have found that paraffin wax used in candles can certainly create respiratory problems in what were healthy humans. You may wonder why any company would use paraffin in their candle products. In short, it is generally used to improve aesthetics and to increase the cold and hot scent throw in candles.

You definitely get more bang for your buck with soy wax candles. While soy has a lower melting point, it burns much slower, ultimately giving you a lot more time to enjoy your favourite Nomad candles.

While we recommend that you always follow the safety information found on the warning labels on your candles, we are very well aware that some people have sensitivities surrounding fragrances. All of our fragrance oils are natural and accredited by the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) we cannot be held responsible for individual sensitivities. We would also like to note that our natural fragrance oils are also vegan, cruelty free, paraben free and phthalate free.

Unscented candles can be purchased in The Apothecary Collection. This is a popular option for those who prefer to burn more than one candle in a room at a time.

Why Are Some Soy Waxes More Aesthetic Than Others?

It all comes down to quality. Nomad Candle Co arguably uses the most superior quality soy wax in the world. It's not cheap, it's not nasty and it generally performs better than other alternatives on the market.

It also depends on the experience and knowledge of the maker. You may have burnt candles that leave holes or bumps in the wax once it resets after burning. There's not necessarily anything wrong with this wax. Generally this can be a sure sign that you are burning a natural candle; however, aside from poor quality wax, it could also mean that the wax has been too heavily scented with fragrance oils, or that it was created at or in the wrong temperature, leaving air bubbles in the cured wax.

The variables for wax aesthetics are many and from time to time, any handcrafted product can look visibly different to machine manufactured products. With over a decade of experience working with countless waxes, we have had our fair share of complete fails in this area and we will continue to perfect our craft as the decades roll by.

Author: Mel, Founder of Nomad Candle Co.

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